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ボクたち遊びを提案する会社「PLAYDESIGN」はSNOWBOARDはもちろん、CAMPをPLAYする「CAMPLAY キャンプレイ」をはじめ、コンセプトは硬派すぎずミーハーすぎずのゆるく楽しく遊びの延長上の気軽さな遊びを提案しています。遊びはたくさんあります。ボクたちのようなヨコノリを愛してる遊び人たちはスノーボードやスケートボード、サーフやSUPやカヤック、マウンテンバイクなど、その他いろいろな遊び、スリルが感じれる遊びが好きです


PLAYDESIGN is the company that outfit "play" for you.Snowboarding is our main bond,but we offer super mellow style of "play". We call it CAMPLAY.
Not too serious,and no too trendy.We enjoy many different outdoor sports that we can get hyped and thrilled such as snowboarding ,skateboarding,SUP,kayak,or Mountain Biking.

We get stoked on snowboarding when snow falls,and come together at the CAMPLAY after the winter.
CAMPLAY at the local mountain after the skate session in the city.Camping along the river where we can jump into the river.I also like CAMPLAY after the short bike ride in the woods.I really enjoy these simple moments with my buddies with beer on our hands.We can share the passion as we talk.And these moments are the key to the message that we can mix into our product as a secret spice.We value product craftsmanship that can connect every single people and friends that we meet in our life.


PLAY + 2001 = P01(プレイ) by PLAYDESIGN


日常で気軽に使用できる、アパレルウェアから時計、バックまた、アウトドアウェアをも超越した機能性を持つTECHNICAL PRODUCTを提供するのがPLAYDESIGNの使命。
『PLAY=遊び』は一人ではなく仲間とともに共有するための最高のTECHNICAL PRODUCTの創造を目指して。

PLAY+2001=P01(pronounce PLAY) by PLAYDESIGN.Our history begins since 2001 in Osaka,Japan.
We are the brand that proposing "play" that PLAYDESIGN can offer.Keeping the taste of snowboard culture as our back ground ,we have been creating and releasing technical products that can be a bridge between city and outdoor ,and the fields that we enjoy such as camping, skateboarding, bike riding, watersports,and urban outdoors.
Our products expands from apparels,watches and bags to technical outerwears that can handle severe outodoor conditions and daily use.

Our mission is to offer the technical products designed from the core of snowboarding and at the field of "PLAY=play" is everything you do that would reach out to memorable moments with your friends in your life.
Our goals is to produce the best technical products to share the happy "time & place" wtth your friends.



〒550-0015 大阪府大阪市西区南堀江2-5-26 グランビア南堀江2F





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